How To Set Up A Mini Bar At Your Own House:

After a long day at work there are times that we look forward to coming home and have a bottle of ice cold beer or a glass of scotch or whiskey to help us relax as we enjoy our tranquil surroundings. A lot of people would often dream of setting up a mini bar right at the comfort of their homes instead of going out on a drinking spree which can be quite costly and at the same time risky because you would still need to drive yourself home. Having your own mini bar offers a lot of advantages so if you would like to build one then now is the perfect opportunity to make things happen . All You need are a few basic tools and construction materials plus a little bit of creativity to make this project a successful one. Below are the following things that you need to do in order for you to have your own personal space where you can unwind and have a good time with your friends for a fraction of a price.

1.) If you want additional privacy for your mini bar you must buy a couple of high quality plyboards that will serve as your walls or divider. If you wanted your mini bar to be part of an open space then it’s also a good option. You can either create your own countertop or have it contracted by a local carpenter. Just be specific in providing the exact measurements and make sure that you have more than enough space for your oak barrels Australia, ice bucket and glasses. Add a couple of shelves where you can store finger foods such as nuts and chips that would compliment your drinks.

2.)Invest in a couple of comfortable chairs or stools since it is expected that you will be spending a lot of time or long hours in your mini bar especially when you are entertaining guests. Placing 2-4 chairs is good enough and also to maintain the bars intimate ambience.

3.)Stock up on your favorite liquors such as wine, vodka, beer or scotch. There are specialty shops that have different types and sizes of wine barrels for sale that you can add on your mini bar for you and your friends to enjoy better tasting wines.

4.)If you have the extra budget it would also be a good idea for you to add or invest on a mini ref to ensure that your beers, canned juices and sparkling water are served cold at all times. And of course you would always have a fresh batch of ice cubes ready at all times.