Give It A Shot To Keep Waking

Feeling tired, stressed and the yearly sales targets are compelling you to sit late at office sometimes whole night, so in order to help yourself in order to stay alert and give a nice boost to the brain cells one has to have something alerting (not like a bad news or something) like a rock solid coffee drink. This has been proven medically that a good shot of coffee can keep a person waking almost whole night. There are certain types of coffee which are famous for this purpose. There is no need to drink those fake energy drinks; they won’t give that hit which a hard coffee shot can provide. Anyways there are certainly some coffee types which give a better boost. But one has to understand the dos and don’ts to get that special desired cup of coffee. There are some people who just make it as a sweet beverage and kill the mood of the coffee completely. Anyways let’s discuss some steps in order to understand how to make a fine coffee shot, along with few tips to make it hard enough to hit your brain cells. Without further wait hit it: 

Boiling water: definitely one has to take the hot water for a cup of coffee, so boil some water and make sure it remains at the same temperature until you pour it in the coffee. There are so many ways to get the hot water instantly such as, boil it normally on the stove, put one cup of water in the oven and let it heat.

Mix the coffee: this is a bit technical, although there are now mixers available which can solve the purpose of mixing, blend the coffee completely. Take some hot water about ¼ of a cup and put the sachet of the coffee in it (if you have a coffee jar, put 1 and ½ teaspoon of coffee), now blend it well (like really well) until your eye cannot see the difference between the coffee and water. Make a dull brown paste, add good quantity of coffee in that hot water and keep blending try some amazing Sydney catering equipment.

Mix it all: now add that hot boiling water in the coffee mixture and add hot milk accordingly, in order to enjoy the black coffee just don’t add the milk in the mixture. Do not add too much milk or else it will kill the essence of the coffee shot; try to make a good blend of coffee and milk. Add sugar if you like, just don’t add too much of it; you are making a coffee not a carbonated drink. Hence stir everything and enjoy the power pack shot of coffee. Stay alert because it is necessary.