Duties Of Traffic Officer


Every person in uniform has a huge role to play in society. Speaking of a police officer, he has a huge responsibility in maintaining law and order situation; since roads are among the busiest areas in a country, that witness people travel from one place to another almost all the time. The modes of transport vary, which need to be monitored vigilantly, to avoid accidents to occur; the traffic officers ensure that laws are not broken. They are fully trained members of the police department.

Duties of traffic police officer

  • Warnings, citations and impounding; if a law is seen to be broken or have the chance to be broken, the traffic officer issues a warning first. They are also authorized to impound the vehicle if parked in the wrong place that has the sign of no parking.
  • Directing traffic; its one of the major roles of a traffic officer, to direct traffic, for example, during parades, road work or accidents.
  • Check for crossing red signal; usually we get to see a traffic warden standing in a corner, monitoring vehicles and issuing a ticket to drivers who break the law by not stopping at the red signal.
  • In case a road traffic accident takes place, its included in the duties of the traffic officer to stop the vehicle and take the injured person/s to a nearby medical facility, or call an ambulance, search and rescue equipment Australia. Apart from this he diverts and directs other vehicles to keep going, instead of stopping by the accident scene and creating a traffic jam.
  • A police officer can also inspect any vehicle which is involved in an accident, if the inspection is done at a reasonable time and only if the police officer proves his authority to do so. 
  • In some remote areas, they also educate road users on the basic rules and regulations of traffic.
  • At times when the signal lights are not working, the traffic officer is ready to take the charge of giving stop and go signals to vehicles.
  • Placing road barriers and cones when directed.
  • Providing road information to assist motorists; in instances where road conditions change due to incidents such as vehicle crushes, dangerous weather, power outages, emergency road works and special events, or an alternate route is opened for traffic, the officer conveys the information to the public.
  • Guiding and directing pedestrians to cross road; with special assistance to the elderly or handicapped people.


The duties of a police officer are many-fold, the traffic officer being one of the members of police department. Considering the heavy flow of traffic day and night in different cities, one can imagine the load of responsibility these traffic officers are inflicted with, that range from directing traffic and assuring unblocked road in cases of emergency, issuing tickets and citation to motorists who break traffic rules, to providing common road education to the motorists and general public. Hence, these uniformed men deserve to be respected. Check this link https://zonewise.com.au/ to find out more details.