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Law And Being A Lawyer…

Any country without law and legal system is like a forest or even worse than forest. Why we are labeling a country without a legal or law system; a forest? Because even in forest there are some laws and legal system, definitely when we are talking about something this significance (like law and legal system) there must be somebody who can be labeled as a custodian of that legal system. The person who represents or practices the law is known as ‘a lawyer’. Now the moment you read the word ‘lawyer’ suddenly a smart looking guy or a lady wearing black coat and white pants comes in mind (saying ‘your honor’ with confidence). Seriously, the person who does that is a person who has the knowledge of all the law of the country, who is capable enough to understand the need of the time and guide the matters legally. But overall the mindset related to legal matters and lawyers in Canberra is just criminology. So for everyone out there here are the actual functions which a lawyer provides as a professional lawyer:

Advises and guidance: it is not necessary that one has to hire a law and that lawyer has to go in the courtroom to fight the case on the other hand, one can just easily go the lawyer and ask for advice and guidance in any legal matter. There are certain legal issues which are not that flared up (which requires hearing in the court room) hence one can just pay the nominal fee per sitting to the lawyer and get the job done.

Research and analysis: One can hire a lawyer for case studies and researches too, because a good lawyer has complete knowledge of legal matters of the countries plus they can easily provide proper researches and analysis against any case. So, one can seek help from a lawyer for the purpose of research and study. For example: even if you are writing a thesis paper, research or a journalist and wants to research (just hire a lawyer and get the job done in no time, because there you can find everything under one roof).

Presenting in person as a lawyer: This is something which we all are aware of that a lawyer fights and presents a case in the courtroom. This is when a lawyer is actually paid heavily and presents the court hearing in front of a senior judge, this is something which requires extensive legal knowledge and the confidence to present the case thoroughly and favorably. No matter what people think, still the overall job of a lawyer is way beyond just presenting the case in the court of law.